17 Most Embarrassing Airport Security Check Moments You don’t want to Face Ever

Strict security checks at public places have become mandatory these days more. But sometimes these security checkers go to the next level that they become embarrassing for the ones who are going through it. Something similar is happening at airports these days. Check out these security checks which went too far and they are hilarious.

Take Airports, for instance. Several times it has been seen that people are embarrassed in the name of safety measures. I don’t know if the security guys were just doing their job or they’re having fun at those moments. In this post, after seeing why you do not want to get into the situation, we brought 25 most humiliating moments of Airport security check-up. Let us take a look at this:

1. Feeling sad for this man but pink underwear??? Who must be more embarrassed than this gentleman?

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jeans vs short girls are such a awesome thngs today

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