17 Impressive stories when a tv show helped people lose weight

#1 Amber Rachdi

Credits: © TLC   © amberrachdi / instagram  

By the age of 24, she had gained around 660 pounds. She was upset with her life even she had to rely on a wheelchair since she was 16 years old. Her life was all dependent on others because she wasn’t able to take care of herself unless a TV show ( My-600-Ib-life ) who helps the people suffering from obesity called her with family.

Doctors of the show suggested amber the ways of decreasing her calorie intake and motivated her to do some exercises for physical movement and approved for her gastric bypass surgery after some time. Amber decided to change herself with great ambition and she started to hit the gym daily.

Amber’s efforts showed hilarious results, by the end of the show she had dropped 267Ibs and was looking healthier than ever. After regularly following the diet and routine she lost more than 200 Ibs and now she is 182 pounds and an
Instagram star.

#2 Christina Phillips

Credits: © TLC   © Christina Phillips / facebook  

Christiana Phillips had problems with her parents as they argued every time so she started to eat a lot to get rid of those problems. At the age of 12, she already weighed about 286 Ibs and by the age of 25, she was more than 700 pounds and stopped leaving her house. She was dependent on
her mother and her husband.

She lost 525 pounds after the help of a TV show ( My-600-Ib-life ) and with a lot of hard work but sadly she lost her husband and suffering through PTSD, depression and has gained anorexia.

#3 Marla McCants

Credits: © TLC   © Marla McCants / facebook  

Marla suffered through a lot of trauma in her life according to her interview in the rickey smiley show, firstly she was molested by her father, and secondly, she got kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend. The fear of getting killed by her ex-boyfriend engaged her to emotional eating unless he got caught by local authorities when she was 43 years but it was too late and she was weighing about 793 pounds. After the help of TV show  My-600-Ib-life  and her efforts, she lost 266 pounds.

Marla didn’t stop her weight loss journey and continued her journey as before with more ambition and reached 300 Ibs.

#4 Donald Shelton

Credits: © Donald Shelton / facebook   © Donald Shelton / facebook  

Donald lost almost 380 through the courage he had and with the help of doctor from the tv show  My-600-Ib-life, he also had gastric bypass surgery during which doctors diagnosed   Guillain— Barré in Donald, due to this syndrome Donald wasn’t able to do any physical exercise because it’s a rare syndrome that may lead to death.

There were also rumors spinning around that he has died but that’s a lie, He is living his life healthier than ever and he keeps updating on his Instagram account.

#5 Melissa D. Morris

Credits: © TLC   © Melissa D Morris ‏/ twitter  

Melissa always had a dream to have a child and a happy family but her weight wasn’t allowing
him to do so. After meeting dr. now on the show  My-600-Ib-life, she got to hope to start her
family. Dr. Now helped her to lose weight. Melissa somehow managed to lose 500 pounds and

weighed about 152Ibs after gastric surgery, physical activity, and dieting. Her dream came true after losing such weight she was going to have a baby but after pregnancy, she started to gain weight.

Now she has cut her daily intake of calories and taking care of herself and motivating other people to lose weight.

#6 Chuck Turner

Credits: © TLC   © dailymail.co.uk  

Chuck never had any problems with his weight unless his wife died. Chuck got very emotional and started to eat a lot after the tragedy to get rid of the pain he got in himself. he weighed 692 Ibs when he stopped eating. He got remarried and had a child but he found himself helpless because he wasn’t helping in his son’s upbringing.

Thanks to the tv show  My-600-Ib-life  chucker managed to lose 450 Ibs and living a happy life

#7 Susan Farmer

Credits: © TLC   © Susan Farmer / facebook  

Since high school, she hasn’t worn jeans because of her giant belly and overweight. Her eating disorder led her to seriously overweight lady weighing about 600 Ibs. After the gastric surgery, she has to change her eating habits to get smart.

By doing physical exercises with strict control on diet, she lost over 400 Ibs and ran to get a pair of jeans for her.

#8 Nikki Webster

Credits: © TLC   © Nikki Gray / facebook  

She barely stands and does activities on her own with a weight of 650 pounds but her doctors required her to lose 46 pounds to have gastric bypass surgery or she would die. She somehow managed to lose 45 pounds and had surgery after that with a strict diet and a lot of physical movement she lost more 198 pounds.

She fell in love with a person and got married. Now Nikki’s current weight is 235 pounds and she is living a happy life with her husband

#9 Paula Jones

Credits: © Paula “Sunshine” Jones / facebook   © Paula “Sunshine” Jones / facebook  

Jones was always worried about her four children after her husband’s death. she thought about what will happen to her children if she died..When she was called on the show she stood up on the scale, jones weighed about 540 pounds.

She moved to Texas to be closer to Dr. but moving caused her to gain more weight. She lost a lot of weight by a strict liquid diet to have gastric bypass surgery.

After surgery, she weighed about 286 pounds. She also had surgery to remove his extra skin and now Paula weighs about 200 pounds and living her life happily and motivating other people to lose weight.

#10 June McKaymee

Credits: © TLC   © JuneMccamey / facebook  

Escaping from her son’s death she started to eat a lot to reduce the pain but it led her to weigh about 600 pounds. Her husband was helping her to reduce the pain by bringing plates to her room full of fatty foods like cheese, beef, pizza and, burritos, etc.

When she crossed the weight of 595 pounds he stopped doing that and consulted with experts about this, with the advice of experts and after gastric bypass surgery, she weighs about 300 pounds with a lot of physical movement and a strict diet.

#11 Brittani Fulfer

With thyroid cancer and a lot of problems with her immune system, it was almost impossible for Brittani to lose weight, her husband was sickened of her all she does was lying on a bed and eating.

She weighed about 604 pounds when she was called on the tv show  My 600-lb-life, with the assistance of experts, and by doing a lot of physical movements she lost 339 pounds in 3 years, she controlled her overeating habits and restored her health.

#12 Diana bunch

At the age of 11 years, she was sexually harassed by 2 teenagers, she was not able to tell anyone about that and started eating a lot and by the age of 40, Diana weighed about 335 pounds and was not able to do anything on her own that led her weight to grow up to 600 pounds after 15 years.

After that, she decided to stop that lifestyle and started a fight against her weight, Diana lost 222 pounds with a lot of hard work and surgery.

#13 Zsalynn Whitworth

When she turned 44 she was weighing more than 600 pounds, after the gastric bypass surgery she lost 315 pounds but she was unhappy with too much skin and had to lose more weight for skin surgery.

She was told to remove more 20 pounds for skin removal surgery. She somehow managed to lose that and had a skin removal surgery, after that she lost more 52 pounds and continued to improve her health

#14 Lupita Somano

Lupita didn’t only lose weight on the tv show but also she lost her husband because of his unfaithfulness. In the start, she somehow lost some weight through physical movement to have gastric bypass surgery, she is now a completely different person and has a new relationship and weighs about
209 pounds.

#15 Charity Pierce

With 800 pounds of weight, she was a prisoner in her body and wanted to escape. she had only two ways left in her life either lose weight and live or probably die like that. She chose to live and the tv show featured her in 2016. After gastric bypass surgery, she lost more than 500 pounds After that
charity also gone through skin removal surgery and lost 40 pounds of weight and extra masses from her body.

She is now totally in different shape and encouraging other people to lose weight on Instagram.

#16 Olivia Cruz

Olivia wasn’t able to do anything on her own with a weight of 579 pounds. After that, She decided to join the project. She suffered through many unsuccessful surgeries and finally had successful gastric bypass surgery in Houston as a result she lost almost 400 pounds from the surgery.

Now she weighs about 200 pounds and got stuck at that weight due to some medical issues with her knees.

#17 Mayra Rosales

Mayra weighed about 1100 pounds and completely dependent on her family. Mayra had to decide between losing weight when her sister got arrested for the murder of her niece and her children were alone.

After a lot of life-threatening surgeries, a strict diet, and physical exercises she reduces almost 80% of her weight, now she weighs about 211 pounds and created a good example of losing weight

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